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Booking & Property Terms and Conditions

  1. ​Full property details, including address and how to enter the property will only be given after the full balance and security deposit has been paid. Full balance is due 8 weeks prior to arrival.

  2. A booking is only confirmed once booking deposit is paid and booking form is completed. 

  3. If the full balance of a booking is not paid 8 weeks prior to arrival, the booking and deposit will be forfeited.

  4. On the day of arrival the accommodation will be available from 3.00pm (local time).

  5. On the day of departure the accommodation must be vacated by 10.00am (local time).

  6. Please provide photographic proof of identity (e.g. Passport, Driving License) when booking.

  7. The total pre-arranged and booked guests in the party must not be exceeded, nor exchanged for other guests during the stay under any circumstances, without prior arrangement from a representative of Glatigny Farmhouse. Amongst other things, this invalidates our insurance. This included day-guests.

  8. As we are a small business, a cancellation by you has a big impact on us, therefore, in the event of cancellation, the deposit will be forfeited. Unless notice of cancellation is received in writing not less than 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday, the tenant will be liable for the full amount if the accommodation is not re-let. We therefore recommend holiday cancellation insurance is taken out.

  9. Should it become necessary for us to cancel a booking we will contact you immediately. We will refund any payments in full and will do our upmost to recommend suitable alternative accommodation in the local area. Our liability will not extend beyond these conditions. This includes emergency cancellations during a stay should the property become unsuitable.

  10. We regret no pets, however well trained, without specific prior consent. A cleaning surcharge will apply to pets allowed stay to enable us to deep clean the property.

    • When pets are allowed on the Property with prior agreement from the Owner:

    • Pets are to be pre-treated with appropriate topical flea and tick repellent prior to arrival. The pet must have all necessary and appropriate vaccinations.

    • Guest agrees that pets are not to be left unattended inside or outside the Property at any time.

    • Guest will clean and properly dispose of all pet waste.  

    • Pets are not allowed on furniture at any time.  Any evidence of pets on furniture may incur extra cleaning fees.

    • Pets must be kept downstairs at all times. Any evidence of pets on upstairs may incur extra cleaning fees.

    • Pets must not cause damage to Property or furnishings.  If damages are caused, the cost of the damage may be deducted from security deposit.

    • Guest should prevent pets from producing excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbours.

    • Glatigny Farmhouse assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets while on the Property. 

    • The Guest shall be solely responsible for the pet while on the Property.​

  11. All losses, breakages, damage etc., must be made good before departure from Glatigny Farmhouse and the property must be left in a clean and tidy state. A breakages/cleaning surcharge may apply if this is not adhered to. You must notify us of any breakages even after replacement. If the damage is such that it cannot be replaced or repaired prior to departure you will be liable for the costs of replacement and repair.

  12. A refundable security deposit will be taken prior to arrival, which will be refunded in full upon departure if there are no breakages, losses, excessive cleaning or unnecessary administration needed, etc.

  13. We reserve the right to charge for any missing or damaged items, damage to property and/or grounds, excessive cleaning and contraventions of our terms and conditions.

  14. Smoking or vaping anywhere in the house is strictly prohibited. Please note that offending guests may be asked to leave immediately and may be liable for professional cleaning of any rooms and any outstanding balance of nights booked but not taken through early departure/ejection.

  15. There a towels on property that may be used, but we ask that if you do use these, that you please wash, dry and put these away before departure.

  16. Locked doors to the barn and children's (under 16) access to the rear garden are strictly prohibited for your safety.

  17. Please exercise caution in the mezzanine, on the stairs, when crossing the lane to the gardens and in the barn - children (under 16) should be accompanied at all times.

  18. Please ensure the front door key is returned and secured inside the keypad on departure. (Please note that in the event that any keys issued are not returned/ lost/ stolen at the end of your stay, then the cost of replacement will be charged to you.)

  19. Please ensure that all doors are locked whenever you are not present at the property. The applies to the house and the barns.

  20. Please note the house utilises a ‘septic tank’ sewage system, therefore it is imperative that the only things that go down the toilet are things which you have eaten or toilet roll, without exception otherwise the pump will block and overflow into the front courtyard and downstairs bathroom – not nice for anyone, especially you! Do not flush baby wipes (even if they are branded flushable), kitchen roll, feminine hygiene products, bleach, basically anything other than toilet roll or human waste! Failure to do so will cause the septic tank to need pumping and your stay to be terminated. We will pass on the charge to have the tank unblocked, any repairs and pumped.

  21. We must be notified as soon as possible if any emergency services have been requested to the property.

  22. Please no shoes in the mezzanine level.

  23. No unattended candles in the house.

  24. Sorry, no 'hen' /'stag' dos or loud parties.

  25. A car park is available for guests’ use within the grounds (the drive is on the opposite side of the road). Cars parked here are at owners risk.

  26. Electric vehicles must not be charged at the property without prior consent. Our electrical system is not setup for this. Any breaches will levy a fine which will be deducted from your security deposit, along with the estimated electric consumption.

  27. We do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury to any member of your party, vehicles or possessions, however caused.

  28. Any items provided at Glatigny Farmhouse are for your enjoyment and are used solely at your risk (whether used on or offsite) and we do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury to any member of your party, vehicles or possessions, whilst using such items.

  29. All inventory must remain in the property as it was at arrival and not be taken to offsite.

  30. Any complaint must be made directly to a representative of Glatigny Farmhouse prior to departure with accompanying evidence (where relevant) . Complaints and requests for compensation cannot be dealt with post-departure. Should Glatigny Farmhouse see fit to offer a discount, free stay, refund or similar, this will be on the basis of fostering goodwill and not an admission of any liability.

  31. The internet connection is available (at no extra cost) subject to technical availability.

  32. Electricity consumption is monitored remotely. Exceptional and out of the ordinary electricity usage will be deducted from your security deposit.

  33. Under no circumstances may the property be re-let or sublet, even free of charge.

  34. For safety and security - External CCTV may be in use during your stay.

  35. Under no circumstances may the property be used as a mailing or forwarding address nor any utilities or bills taken out against the property address.

  36. We do not allow guests to bring or hire 'hot tubs'. We are not connected to mains drainage and the system is not suitable for taking the discharge from emptying a hot tub, both for reasons of sudden volume of water and the chemical content. The chemicals used in a hot tub to prevent disease and Legionella means that it is illegal to empty one directly into the ground, or where it could run into a watercourse. 

  37. We are more than happy to return items that have been left following departure. However, you must notify us as soon as possible, as another guest may find these before us. We only ask you to cover postage and packaging to return such an item.

  38. This property is privately owned and is our home. We expect all guests to enjoy the facilities and treat the property with the same respect that they would with their own house.

  39. Force Majeure: We cannot accept responsibility or liability for any alterations, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, epidemics, acts of any government or public authority, or any other event outside our control.

  40. Please remember that this property is rural and as all such rural properties it does attract spiders and therefore cobwebs (especially towards the end of summer and autumn). It does not mean that the Property is dirty or has not been cleaned as cobwebs can be spun almost as quickly as they have been cleaned away.

  41. In rural areas please be tolerant of the sounds and scents that you may encounter, they are all a part of the countryside experience.

  42. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. This does not affect bookings already made.

Termination Policy

Glatigny Farmhouse reserve the right, at its discretion, to terminate, without notice, a booked stay where deemed necessary through unacceptable behaviour or as a result of actions which are likely to endanger or offend others (please note that non-compliance of our above terms and conditions may result in such termination). In such circumstances no refunds will be made.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights (including rights in software), trademarks, database rights, patents and inventions) in and relating to the service are owned by us and our licencors or contractors. Nothing in this agreement operates to transfer any such intellectual property rights to you.

We reserve the right to assign or sub-contract any of our rights and obligations under this agreement without notice to you.

If any provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.


Privacy Notice & Policy

Your privacy and data security is of the utmost importance to us and as such we take every reasonable precaution to safeguard your data.

In processing enquiries, bookings and website subscribers, it is necessary for us to store your data so we can best serve your needs. We will only store the minimum data required for the purpose of your stay and this will not be stored any longer than it is necessary.

In making an enquiry, booking or subscription request, you are consenting to Glatigny Farmhouse processing your personal data for legitimate business interests and in relation to our contract.

We may use your personal data to inform you of news or offers we think you may be interested in, if you would like to be removed from our mailing list, or 'exercise your right to be forgotten' please let us know on or 0845 241 8881.


We also collect site usage information in the form of cookies and page tagging so as to better fulfil your enquiries.

You data will never be shared with any third party for marketing purposes, we may however include details about select third parties on our website or mailings.

Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to ask for a copy of the information Glatigny Farmhouse holds about you. Requests should be made in writing to:

Glatigny Farmhouse (Siret: 880 837 398 00010)
2 Rue Bertinière




Privacy Policy
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