La Haye du Puits is the closest town to Glatigny Farmhouse and is one of the reasons we settled on buying the property initially.

It is a charming town, with handsomely coloured buildings and the perfect balance between a traditional, well supported French town whilst still offering much for the tourist. La Haye Du Puits is a great location for your self-catering holiday home.



If you are renting self-catering holiday home accommodation in La Haye Du Puits, you'll want to be sure of good restaurants and you won't be disappointed! You will find a number of good restaurants to suit your tastes. Here is our list of the best restaurants in La Haye du Puits and the best places to visit:

Pom'Cannelle' - this is a traditional but high quality restaurant offering fantastic but innovative food. Although by French standards a little pricier than average, it is such good value for terrific food and a steal compared with British equivalents. '

'Le Commerce' - this is similar to our local 'pub', you will find this often full of locals, and for good reason. The generous local food is very well priced and cooked on an open fire in front of you. The set menus are exceptional value for money.

'L'équinoxe' - this is a local bar, often playing live jazz music in July/August. Whilst they don't really do food, the atmosphere is good and a great place for a drink or coffee.

'La Cite Radieuse' - is a typical French restaurant offering authentic food in a traditional environment. The food is good and they always have an inexpensive set menu.

'Le Colquin'- this is both a hotel and restaurant and whilst it has been declining a little in recent years, it does seem back on the up again.​


There is a tourism office in La Haye du Puits (almost opposite the pharmacy) which is a very helpful place to get advice on things to do in La Haye du Puits and the local area, local transport and things of that nature. There is an abundance of leaflets and flyers of top attractions in the local area of Manche, Normandy (Normandie). Let us know your Top 10 things to do in Normandy. There are also many leaflets of things to do in La Haye du Puits in your holiday home of Glatigny Farmhouse.

The weekly market day in La Haye Du Puits is Wednesday morning and this is well worth a visit. It runs all year (although there are more stalls during summer) and you can peruse local produce, antiques, clothes, freshly cooked food, alcohol (including local cidres (ciders), calvados and pommeau) and even buy live animals!


A few times during the summer La Haye Du Puits runs big fêtes, where you can get all of the above, but also huge section of 'brocante' (flea market) type wares. 


The History of La Haye Du Puits

La Haye Du Puits was originally the main 'seat' of a Norman Baron of high importance and it dates back to the middle ages. Quite remarkably, a number of titles of nobility were given out from Richard the Lionheart in 1189 to another Richard (who became 'seneschal' to King Henry II of England .

La Haye Du Puits has quite a chequered past. Although it was a real centre of agriculture of commerce in the area, it' went through a somewhat dark time during the 17th Century when the town was swept by a literal witch-hunt starting from 1669. The climax of this saw 66 imprisoned, 7 killed and 3 tortured to the point of madness. It eventually resulted in intervention from ministers from Rouen and a 'Royal Pardon' for the remaining accused.


Later on in the 20th centry, the History of La Haye Du Puits took an even darker turn; its strategic position made it a target for the Nazis during World War Two. The town was completely decimated and much of it had to be rebuilt (in the original style). You can still see evidence of the damage however, as only one spire remains on the town church (the other being blown off by Nazi attack). You will find a book in the cupboard of Glatigny Farmhouse that shows much of this damage and a detailed history (in French) of what occurred in La Haye Du Puits during WWII.

The recapture of La Haye Du Puits by the allied forces in 1944  resulted in ten days of fighting and caused much desolation of the already damaged town.


La Haye Du Puits' Church of St John the Evangelist is classified as a historic monument and inside is the tomb of  Arthur Magneville, Baron de la Haye-du-Puits.

La Haye Du Puits also has a cinema (that sometimes plays English films on a Thursday) an internet cafe (although more of a digital public space) and sports fields.


In 2016 the commune previously named 'La Haye Du Puits', was merged with the local villages (Baudreville, Bolleville, Glatigny, Mobecq, Montgardon, Saint-Rémy-des-Landes, Saint-Symphorien-le-Valois and Surville) to form the 'La Haye' commune.

The postal code for this commune is 50250. It has a population of approximately 1500 (the local people being called 'Haytillons').

It is twinned with the German town of Schwanstetten and has been since 1988.


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