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Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home
Barneville Carteret Holiday Home

Barneville Carteret is a very popular seaside resort and is just up the coast (15-20 minutes) from Glatigny Farmhouse. Like your self-catering holiday home accommodation at Glatigny Farmhouse, Barneville Carteret is located on the west coast of the rural Cotentin peninsula. It is a real attraction for families and Parisians during the summer months due to its stylish cafés, restaurants and shops, but mainly due to its glorious sandy beaches.

Although popular with holiday makers, Barneville Carteret is still a lively and active sailing and fishing port all year round. It would make a great visit for your holiday!



When renting self-catering holiday accommodation near Barneville Carteret, a great beach and good restaurants are a must! Barneville Carteret won’t disappoint you! Barneville Carteret boasts beautiful beaches and a number of great restaurants and cafés, below are our top restaurant recommendations and best things to do in Barneville-Carteret:

‘Le Restaurant’ in ‘The Marine Hotel’ is one of the best restaurants in the local area. Boasting Michelin stars and adventurous indulgent menus, this really is a gastronomic delight! With a spot right on the harbours edge and full length glass looking out to sea, it couldn’t feel more special. Whilst this is a pricier restaurant by French standards (still remarkable value compared to most other countries however!) it is worth it.

The décor is sophisticated and stylish giving the ambience of a real treat. If you feel put off by the prices or do not have time for a full meal, we really would recommend going in for coffee and cake (the chocolate ‘Pavé’ with pistachio sauce is a must!) – the coffee is very good and there also is a wide selections of fresh teas. It is also a lovely location for drinks and cocktails.

Another beautiful restaurant in Barneville Carteret is the ‘Tortuga’ restaurant in the ‘Hôtel des Isles’. This establishment is co-owned by an interior designer and it really shows – it has a refurbishment every 6 months and the style is exquisite! It has a really special and cosy ambience.

It is located right on the beachfront in Barneville Carteret and we feel there are few things better than enjoying a fantastic seafood lunch at the Tortuga, whilst looking out to the sea (with the Island of Jersey in the distance) that lunch came from!

If you are able to go midweek, the 3 course lunch set menu is incredible value for money and the food is terrific! Even if just for a drink, we highly recommend a visit!

‘La Maison du Biscuit’ is just out of Barneville Carteret in a village called “Sortosville-en-Beaumont”.  La Maison du Biscuit is somewhere we genuinely struggle to work out how to describe! Nonetheless, we do have to recommend it! The best we  can do is ask you to imagine a village curated by Willy Wonka and John Wayne, and maybe you'd come close! 'La Maison du Biscuit' sells every kind of biscuit, chocolate, sweets, honey, alcohol, wholefood, I could go on and on! It's also a great café to while away a few hours in a very unique place! A recommended place to buy very well presented, but reasonably priced gifts.  Let us know what you think!


The tourism office in Barneville Carteret is located in the town square in Barneville and is the perfect place to discover the best places and things to do in Barneville Carteret and Normandy. Here you can get advice on local attractions, transport and things to do and things to see Let us know if you agree with our Top things to do in Normandy list! There are also many leaflets of things to do in Barneville Carteret in your holiday home of Glatigny Farmhouse.

 The French markets are a reason to visit France themselves; the markets days in Barneville Carteret are: Carteret Thursday and Barneville Sunday.

There are many things to do in Barneville Carteret and many events and fêtes to enjoy. Below isn’t a full list, but here are some regular fixtures:


Barneville Carteret  Flower market/festival - 1st or 2nd weekend of May.

Every July you can enjoy a tour of the Channel ports from Barneville Carteret.

A popular attraction for tourist is the ‘Rowing Regatta’ (or ‘Raid d'aviron de mer Jersey’) in the sea of Jersey-Carteret – this takes place mid-July.

Similar to the above the ‘Culs gelés’ regatta takes place  in December.

The Challenge de La Déroute sailing regatta held each year in early September.

Barneville Carteret Kite festival – last weekend of July.

Barneville Carteret ‘Feast of the Sea’ showcases the best of local seafood – on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of August

The Gainsbarre cycle race has taken place every year in April since 2004 in tribute to the singer who gave a big donation to the cycling club organiser.

The ‘Trails de La Mère Denis’ and ‘Lavandières’ passes through the Côte des Isles every year since 2010 and takes place around 14 July.

Since the 1950s The ‘Défi du Daubon’ sailing race has been held every year in Barneville Carteret  and takes place in October.

In addition to the above there are many street fêtes, painting and sculpture exhibitions and musical concerts in Barneville Carteret.


Barneville Carteret is just opposite the Island of Jersey on the Cotentin Peninsula and is around 40km from Cherbourg. Since the popularity of high-society sun bathing, Barneville Carteret has attracted many tourists to its town and beaches.

The well known Douaniers footpath which meanders around the Carteret cape has been another popular attraction for many years for holiday makers and visitors.

The beaches have been awarded the highest and much covered "Blue Flag" award for cleanliness of beaches, water and marina. The large stretch of dunes at Hatainville have also been designated a site of outstanding natural beauty.

Under the Academy of Caen, Barneville Carteret has a primary school – ‘Le Clos des Sources’


History of Barneville Carteret

The area of Barneville Carteret dates back to the later part of the 900s to early 1000s, when the then famous ‘de Carteret' family was recorded as the First Lord of the Barony of Carteret. This family were very influential and powerful in both French and English history, holding many assets in France, wider Europe, the Channel islands and the American colony.

These family members fought ‘alongside’ William the Conqueror at Hastings and also participated in the Crusades. A famous historian once said "Three times has the Island of Jersey been rescued by the valour and sagacity of members of this family from the dominion of the French, events of unequalled importance in its history...."

In 1066 the Mallet family of Barneville Carteret were mentioned in regard to the ‘Mallet’s Mound’. This is located in Barneville Carteret, and is where the remains of a  Motte-and-bailey castle which was later made into a Calvary building – this is located behind the church.

Being founded atop a hill, the Barneville part of Barneville Carteret  was built around the church of Saint Germanus of Auxerre in the Middle Ages. The building style was Romanesque and it was fortified later in the Middle Ages.

During the fashionable high society sunbathing vogue, Barneville Carteret became very popular with fashionable holiday makers and grew in to a lively seaside resort. The Belle Epoch architecture and expensive shops attracted many Parisians each summer (and still do!).

Later in history, in June 1940, Barneville Carteret was invaded due to its importance. The fortifications of Barneville-sur-mer, Hatainville, Beaubigny and Carteret still mostly visible except at Baubigny which is totally buried in the sand.

On 18 June 1944 the 69th regiment of the 9th US Infantry Division entered Barneville Carteret to liberate the town. It took ten days of fighting, but the town was liberated and the US stayed in Barneville Carteret until late 1945.



Things to see and do in Barneville Carteret

2 beautiful sandy beaches with lifeguards

A marina for fishing and ferries to the Channel Islands

Areas of outstanding natural beauty - Cape Carteret - the Hatainville dunes.

Monuments include classified sites such as, ‘The Church of Barneville’, the ruins of the old church and ‘The Manor Graffard’ which is listed as a public historical monument.

Walking and hiking tours along the coast and rural countryside.

Adventure and sea activities include sailing, rowing, horseback riding, tennis, golf, mini golf,  tourist train, cinema, disco.

Barneville-Carteret has featured in the following films:

1948 : Une si jolie petite plage (A pretty little beach) by Yves Allégret

1988 : La Petite Voleuse (The Little Thief) by Claude Miller

1990 : Le Mari de la coiffeuse (The Hairdresser's Husband) by Patrice Leconte

2007 : Vent mauvais (Ill Wind) by Stéphane Allagnon

2008 : Deux jours à tuer Two days of killing) by Jean Becker


Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly located the second part of Une vieille maîtresse in Carteret.

Several novels by Paul-Jacques Bonzon are set in "Barneret" and "Carteville" in the Cotentin.


The postal code for this area is 50270. Barneville Carteret has a population of around 2300 (the local people being called ‘Barnevillais’ or’ Barnevillaises’ and ‘Carteretais’ or ‘Carteretaises’).

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